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By: J. Sison


Looking of what I have become is so miserable.

Things have changed so quickly in a time so ample.

Life has its ups and downs

The wind blew from east to west

Or from south to north;

Where is my life heading?


I may have earned a lot of experiences

But still I consider myself a loser.

I do not know where to put myself

I do not know where my path is going.


I have been thinking of answers

That can tell me on what I wanted to do.

I have been always grasping in the dark,

Without a tiny spark that will lead me to the light.


Why do things have to come this way?

Why would I have to act such a way,

That could ruin anybody’s day?

Why? Would someone come to me

And answer those questions?


Maybe your existence

Has something to do with these uncertainties

Or perhaps you are just filling your fantasies.

At any rate, I am happy that you came

Stay with me forever and together we will journey

Towards the so-called ETERNITY.

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