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Boston IT Services by iCorps

Today, online business has gained popularity and most of the merchants transact their business online. Because of the emerging advancement of technology in which most of the things we encounter are computer assisted. No matter where we go, technology has already been a part of us. With these advancement, online transaction has also been developed and transformed into a basic way of transacting business.

If you also plan to make your business be a part of the world wide web and for you to be recognized around the world together with your products, services, company profile, the best thing that you should is for you to have your own website. In this matter, Boston IT services, owned by iCoprs, is there to help you.

ICorps was started by Mike Hadley and Chris Stephenson—at least in concept—fifteen years ago with a part-time business called Off-Hours Consulting. The success of the venture rapidly changed to a full-time business with a new name: iCorps Technologies. Their missions are to help our customers achieve their business objectives by delivering and supporting practical, cost-effective IT services and solutions. To maintain a healthy working environment for our employees, that fosters creativity, integrity, growth and teamwork. To be the kind of company people are proud to work for. To be good neighbors and citizens, and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

If you are interested to have your website and some other IT related inquiries, iCorps is always their to give you assistance. You can visit their website at

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37 Alvear II Street Lingayen, Pangasinan Philippines, 2401 +639152139496


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