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Course Syllabus in Study and Thinking Skills

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Click Here to Download Syllabus in Study and Thiking Skills

Republic of the Philippines


Asingan, Pangasinan




Course Code:         English  101

Course Title:          STUDY AND THINKING SKILLS         

Credit:                    3 units

Time Frame:          3 hours per week/ 54 hours

Instructor:               Mr. Julius A. Sison






            A dynamic self-reliant and productivity-driven institution of higher learning recognized as a center of excellence in professional studies and technical training with distinctive competence and leadership in research and community service.




            The Pangasinan State University will provide better service in technical and professional training in the arts, sciences, humanities, and in the conduct of scientific research and technological studies and community services. (P.D. 1497)




            The college shall provide relevant and quality education in technological programs, entrepreneurship, and professional education; conduct appropriate basic and applied research; and undertake productive extension services to improve the quality of life of the people.




1.      To produce competent and globally competitive teachers as well as highly skilled technicians and entrepreneurs in small and medium scale business and industrial establishments.


2.       To provide opportunities for the poor and the disadvantaged to acquire quality education to make them productive and versatile citizens committed towards improving themselves, their family and the community.


3.       To promote efficiency and effectiveness of operations through a continuing program of human resources development and evaluation of programs, projects, and activities.




1.      Provide students with relevant and quality education in the field of professional education, technology, and entrepreneurship to insure their productive employment so as to improve their lives;


2.      Conduct periodic review of existing curricula with the end view of enriching and updating in the same order to keep abreast of modern technology;


3.       Design and develop relevant and responsive curricular programs that will meet the needs of a developing community; 


4.      Continuously upgrade the competencies of the faculty and personnel through closer supervision and well-planned faculty-staff development program;


5.       Democratize access of poor but deserving students to quality education through institutionally-funded and privately sponsored scholarship programs;


6.       Conduct educational, socio-economic and appropriate technological researches to improve instructional effectiveness, develop new technologies, and enhance current work processes thereby increasing productivity;


7.       Strengthen the extension services to enable the out-of-school youths, unemployed adults, potential entrepreneurs, and the women sector to acquire the necessary skills and attitudes for gainful employment in order to improve the quality of life in the countryside;


8.       Establish and maintain functional linkages with the public and private agencies/ institutions to bring about the cooperative and fruitful realization of the college’s programs, projects, and activities;


9.        Conduct periodic evaluation and review of the management system and processes in the college in order to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the overall operation of the institution; and


10. To produce graduates with the necessary skills desirable work habits and attitudes and acceptable interpersonal and critical skills that can help in the community, regional and national development and are to be globally competitive.


II.       Course DescriptioN:


                    This course is first of the  series of English subjects to develop students Communicative and thinking skills for academic study. Reading skills are reinforced as means of acquiring and processing inputs for learning and writing exercise are provided as means for expressing and enhancing students thinking.


III.      Course Objectives:

                 At  the end of the semester, the student should be able to :

1.      Comprehend oral and written materials ranging from general interest to interest to with emphasis on inferential and critical thinking.

2.      recognize the difference among the various classes of context clues.

3.      define and follow some important guides for effective scanning and skimming, noting details, getting the main idea, making inferencing and generalization.

4.      write unified and coherent paragraph and essay using different rhetorical devices and

5.      apply the values learned.



IV.      Course Requirements:

  1. In- class exercise on each topic
  2. coherent and well-organized paragraphs for each selected rhetorical pattern
  3. assigned reading reports
  4. quizzes and test
  5. active participation in class activities.


V.       Course CONTENT:                                                              Time Frame



A-     Course Orientation ------------------------------------------------9 hrs.

1.      Using the library

2.      Understanding assignment

a.      meaning and significance of assignment

b.      types of assignment

c.       function of assignment

d.      characteristics of good assignment

3.      Answering test

a.      Significance of tests

b.      Classification of tests according to purpose

c.       Forms of test

                    B. Reading Skills-------------------------------------------------------- 12hrs.

1.      Root word

a.      prefix

b.      suffix

2.      Compound words

3.      Context Clues

4.      Scanning

5.      Skimming

                    C. Thinking Skills------------------------------------------------------- 10hrs.

1.      Significance of thinking ability

2.      Kinds of thinking

a.      Remembering

b.      Translation

c.       Interpretation

d.      Analysis

e.      Synthesis

f.        Evaluation

g.      Application

                     D. Reading For Comprehension------------------------------------- 12hrs.

a.      Comprehension Focus:

          Noting Details

b.      Comprehension Focus:

           Getting the main idea

c.       Comprehension Focus:

               Making inference and  generalization

d.      Comprehension Focus:

                Organizing information into  an  outline

e.      Levels of  Comprehension

A.     literal level

B.     inferential level

C.      critical level

D.     creative level


                   E. Writing -------------------------------------------------------------- 12hrs.

1.      methods of paragraph development

             a.  definition and classification 

b.      comparison and contrast                                    

c.       description                                                           

d.      cause & effect           

e.      narration                               



1.            lecture/ Discussion

2.      reading reports

3.      library work

4.      writing exercises

5.      reading exercises



VII.     Instructional MEDIA/ Materials:

a.      Books

b.      Hand-outs

c.       Newspaper Clippings

d.      Reading Materials


VIII.    Evaluation SCHEME:

Quizzes, Recitation and long tests----------------------------- 30%

 Written reports , assignments and project -----------------  30%

 Mid-term and Final Exams. ----------------------------------    40%



IX.      ENRICHMENT Activities:

a.      Internet and Library Research

b.      Class Recitation

c.       Open Forum






1.      Robles, Felicidad C. Developing English Proficiency/ Book 1.

                Quezon City: Goodwill Trading Co., Inc., 1985.   



2.      Robles, Felicidad C. Developing Englsh Proficiency / Book 2.

               Quezon City: Goodwill Trading Co., Inc., 1985.


3.      Tiempo, Edilberto K. and Edith L. Tiempo. College Writing

               And Reading. Manila: Rex Book Store, 1980.     


4.        Romero, Angelita D. and Rene C. Romero. Developmental Reading

                                      A skill text for college students.  : Rex book Store,  2002.                                                                                                      



Prepared by:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              JULIUS A. SISON

                                                                                     Instructor I

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